Institute of Digestive Endoscopy and    Medical Center for Digestive Diseases,
    Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University
    121# Jiang Jiayuan, Xiaguan District
    Nanjing 210011, P.R. China
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Medical Center for Digestive Diseases of the Second Affiliated Hospital of NJMU
Digestive Diseases is a specialty that straddles the traditional boundary between internal medicine and general surgery. With the development of minimally invasive surgical technology and digestive endoscopic technique, a new diagnosis and therapy model for digestive diseases arises. This new model combines internal medicine and general surgery. To establish an institute or medical center with national or even international reputation in a relatively short time is our aim. In collaboration with our physicians, surgeons and scientists, we are committed to unify the department of gastroentestrology, digestive endoscopy center, institute of digestive endoscopy of NJMU (Nanjing Medical University) and department of minimally invasive surgery by formally establishing the Medical Center for Digestive Diseases (MCDD) of Second Affiliated Hospital of NJMU.
Our missions are
(1) To provide top quality services as a leading center for digestive diseases in China.
(2) To provide training to gastroenterologists, endoscopy surgeon and GI surgeon.
(3) To translate lab researches to clinical use for promoting the development of diagnosis and therapeutics for digestive diseases.
Our Strength, Reputation and Academic Research
Our medical center for digestive diseases is the key specialized clinical subject of Jiangsu province, the key subject of ”The Eleventh Five Program” of NJMU. We are establishing the center as one of the National Center for Training Endoscopy Doctors. (Our center is the first one which has the license from Ministry of Public Health of China). We have published a lot of scientific papers in international journals in English and Chinese. Prof. Zhining Fan first time designed the esophageal NiTi mesh stent and reported in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (Fan Z, et al. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. 1997). We have unique expertise on: (1) Novel endoscopic devices with high-tech matrials for treating GI cancer; (2) Diagnosis and therapy of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases; (3) The GI Cancer Research. We have a perfect platform to collaborate with the State Key Laboratory of Cancer Biology in Fourth Military University, State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Nanjing University and Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Design and Manufacture of Micro-Nano Biomedical Instruments in Southeast University.
Funds, Grants and Patents
Our researches on digestive diseases have been supported by National HighTechnology Research and Development Program("863"Program) of China, National Science Foundation of China, Key Foundation of Ministry of Public Health of China, Foundations of Jiangsu province, Open Project Program of the State Key Laboratory of Cancer Biology. We have four patents about stents. All have been manufactured and applied in China and many other countries.
Training and Education
The MCDD is committed to the teaching of medical undergraduate students and clinical fellows, and the supervision of postgraduates and researchers. We are proud to be licensed by Ministry of Public Health of China to training endoscopists. Prof. Zhining Fan had been invited to performe operations by International Endoscopic Academic Conference committees seven years ago. Prof. Zhining Fan and Guozhong Ji have been awarded on several occasions such as Endoscopics Award and several China government awards. Many young experts, such as Faming Zhang, Lin Miao, Zhen Liu, Guangming Huang ontribute a lot on training, education and researches. In the past years we trained many endoscopists from Souteast Asia and China. Many of them have returned to their own hospitals and become academics and opinion leaders of their field.
Clinical Service
MCDD is a leading centre in the management of gastrointestinal bleeding, ERCP, and endoscopic techniques in Jiangsu province and surrounding area. We provide: ERCP and related treatment (over 1200 patients per annum); Advanced diagnostic and minimally invasive therapeutic procedures; Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy (most are therapeutic); Ultrasonic endoscope; Endoscopic stenting; Laparoscope; Top quality service for digestive diseases. NOTES has been performed in our clinical use since 2009.